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Product Details:  Retro Reflective Approx. Rs. 900 /- Per Kg.

Size 48 inch, 45 mtr
Color White
Brand Rudra Vinyl

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Retro-reflective tapes are a big part of the production pace of our unit. These reflective tapes are of great help especially when it comes to construction workplaces, as these can prevent minor or major accidents from happening, be it daylight or at night.

The working application of the retro-reflective tape made at our unit is quite simple. Retro-reflective, also known as reflective tape, works by reflecting light to the light source with relative ease.

In simpler terms, the tape only lights up for the individual who has the light source or the one who is in alignment with it. Let us get to know it better with the help of an example.

If two people are walking on each side of the street, and if the person on the left side of the street has a flashlight, he will be able to see the tape that reflects the light at it, but the person on the right side of the road will not be able to see it. He or she can only see the light, provided that he or she also has a flashlight.

Retro-reflective tapes are usually used in areas of construction or in low-light areas as a means to prevent disasters from happening. We at Rudra Vinyl make sure that you can choose to use them to the best of extent.

When it comes to clothing, reflective tapes are usually glued or sewn to clothes to reflect the light at its source. A major number of clothes come in when we talk about these reflective tapes.

But beware while applying the tape as if it extends, it may cause heat all around different parts of the body that can further lead to sunburn and discomfort. It may even melt if subjected to severe heat.



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G.F-2, KH No. 565, Seed Farm Road, Alipur, Delhi – 110036