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Product Details:  Radium Approx. Rs. 8500/ - Per Roll.

Size 48 inch, 45 mtr
Color White
Brand Rudra Vinyl

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Radium tape rolls have become quite popular over the recent decade. Radium tapes, similar to retro ones have a certain effect and also help in preventing incidents that can cause severe damage to human life and goods from happening in the first place.

Our manufacturing unit, Rudra Vinyl is considered as one of the best radium tape manufacturers in India which is why we make sure that we offer customers nothing but perfection.

Glowing stuff has always been a major source of attraction for the customers, irrespective of whether it is an adult or a kid. These radium rolls offer a lot of advantages over normal sheets as they are quite similar in working when it is compared to retro-reflective tapes.

We at Rudra Vinyl have a massive understanding of the whole vinyl business which is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of our products. You can find radium tape shops near you with our products there with relative ease.

Radium is generally considered as pretty beneficial for industrial as well as other uses, that too in a wide range of fields which was the main reason behind the demand and popularity of this tape. We offer excellence and precision whenever it comes to delivering products on time.

The products offered at our unit are unparalleled in terms of quality and technicality. Rudra Vinyl is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to vinyl wraps and sheets along with tapes for a wide range of uses.

All in all, our unit is capable of delivering perfection at a great pace without compromising the quality or the prestige of the business that has been built over the years.

You can shop from our unit to get the best of these types of vinyl and sheets at a reasonable rate.



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9212302362, 9315892606,

G.F-2, KH No. 565, Seed Farm Road, Alipur, Delhi – 110036