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Product Details:  Heat Press Machines Approx. Rs 14,500 /-

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Color White
Brand Rudra Vinyl

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heat press machines are being used all over the globe for different purposes, majorly for imprinting a design or graphic on a substrate just like a t-shirt, with the help of the correct heat and pressure for a certain period of time.

Our manufacturing unit is one of the best producers of heat press machines in India. Our unit offers both manual and automatic heat presses to the customers so one can choose the press of their choice for the best results. A new certain type of press that goes by the name of "semi-automatic" press. Technology in the newer models of presses has made pressing pretty simple as perfecting heat and pressure control.

A customer can buy a heat press machine in accordance with the preference and the work that they need it for. These presses are generally used to permanently apply a heat transfer to a surface. Vinyl wraps are used for these types of heat transfer processes.

Heat press machines are becoming quite common when it comes to the clothing industry, as heat press makes it easy for production to be kept at a steady pace so as to meet the demands of production.

Press machines are also a lot of help when it comes to big industrial production houses as most of the times, it helps the members of the staff in the process to make it smooth and effective, unlike the traditional process where most staff members had to manually apply vinyl wraps and then use manual heating methods to transfer the design onto the surface permanently.

In a nutshell, press machines are of optimal importance when it comes to transferring a design over a t-shirt or some other clothing material so to give it a more authentic and classy finish.



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G.F-2, KH No. 565, Seed Farm Road, Alipur, Delhi – 110036